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ALI SALMAN TRADING COMPANY l.l.c had its humble beginnings in 1995 in the booming market of Dubai United Arab Emirates, specializing in Marine and oilfield Supplies, ALI SALMAN TRADING has garnered a reputation of delivering excellence and satisfying its customers from all over region and across two continents. As a Company we are Stockists and Dealers in PIPES AND PIPE FITTINGS of various materials and grades used in industries such as petrochemicals, marine, and oil and gas fields. We also deal in various spare parts such as flanges, valves, gaskets (sealings), house and couplings. ALI SALMAN TRADING has satisfied over a Million customers in their last 15 years of operation under the patronage of Chairman Shabbir Ali Hamid and will continue to do so. Our quality products and excellent services have vowed client who are proud to be associated with us. Our Employees and Customers are like a members of a big family and we would like to welcome you to be part of it.

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