ASTC holds massive experience in offering pipes and pipe fittings of any type, quality, and specification. We have been delivering duplex pipes and pipe fittings depending on the need
of the customer’s project and, above all, to ascertain satisfaction too. 
Why choose ASTC only for pipe fittings?
It has been crafted with impeccable strength and standard sizes, so all your industry
and project requirements will be accomplished. 
We can also provide you with any bending quality pipes, with the bending angle of your choices starting from 10 degrees to even 180-degree angle. 
Our pipe fittings come along with test certificate from the experts and as per the current regulations of the government. Not only of the finished products, however, but we will also enlist you with a raw material certificate. There is nothing to worry on this ground of authenticity and legitimacy of the products when dealing with ASTC. 
From the existing pipe fitting range to new end innovations, we have unlimited options for the customers to choose and put forward with the requirements.
Applications areas for using pipes and pipe fittings
Not one or two, but our pipe fittings can be utilized in almost every industry type. In general, you will come up with ASTC pipe fitting in many industries of UAE. Here are some of the
common ones- chemical, power generation, tube making, aerospace, water supply, and the list has no ends. No matter what your project is, you will surely need pipe fittings of any type, and we are there to help you. 
Are you ready to place an order, but want to know more about pipe fittings or have some specifications listed? Whatever the case may be, we are always prepared to address our
customers with the most excellent quality pipes and pipe fittings within reasonable rates.

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