ASTC has been serving the people of UAE for many years with superior quality valves. We offer these mechanical devices that help various industries to control the flow and pressure with the
system or process. Valves are the most important components of piping systems that transfer liquid, vapors, slurries, gases, and various other things.
Types of Valves:
 Gate
 Globe
 Plug
 Ball
 Butterfly
 Check, Diaphragm
 Pinch
 Pressure Relief
 Control Valves
 And More..
The above-described valves are some of the top-rated and frequently used valves. There are
many more on the list. All of these valves come with different models, features and functional
capabilities. You have to handle some of the valves while some of them come with actuator or
pneumatic or hydraulic systems.
Different Functions of Valves
 Initiation and stopping the flow of the product
 Reduce or increase a flow
 Flow increase or decrease
 Maintain the direction of the flow
 Regulate the pressure or flow
Valves are used in a number of industrial applications. If you are looking for the custom
solution, at ASTC, we also offer a custom solution to fulfill your application requirement. Valves
are the expensive product and that's why you should choose the most appropriate valve as per
your business requirements. We have a team of experts at our place, so just share your

requirement with them and they can suggest you the most appropriate type of valve through
which you can increase productivity and get the maximum output.
No matter what type of valve you are looking for, contact ASTC to get the standard quality
products at the most affordable price.

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