Cast Steel, Stainless Steel

Flange In Dimension Class – #150, #300, #600, #900, #1500

PN-16, PN-25, PN-40, JIS-5K, 10K, 16K



ASTC is an extensive provider of the blind, which is commonly known as blanking flanges.
These flanges work as a seal with a view to help the pipe in giving effective performance
 The size of the blind that we offer can be customized and are created as per the
specific standards.
 It can be attributed to various matters like a duplex, nickel, and super duplex, giving
you the opportunity to select.
 The face type is available in the form of flat, ring type, and raised face
 Coming to the coating, we have put efforts on the surface treatment by covering the
blind with anti-rust paint, and so on.
 It offers ease of access right from the time of installation.
 Each blind will be tested and certified by the experts.
You can put your special request in front of the team of ASTC, and we will endeavor to
offer the rightful solution.


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