Bronze & Brass Gate Valve


Bronze & Brass Gate Valve

Screwed – 1/4″ To 4″

Flanged – 1/2″ To 6″


Bronze Gate Valves

The bronze gate valves are the highly used valve compare to the other metal made gate valves. The gate valve body is fully made of bronze expect the adjusting vane. The appearance makes no such difference from the other gate valve. The operation is the most prominent factor that separates the bronze gate valve from the other gate valve. Like the other metal bronze gate valve also available in numerous types. In providing one of the best service the bronze gate valve suppliers in UAE like us doing a great job and offering a great service to the customer.

Brass Gate Valves

Unlike the other valves, the brass gate makes no difference in the operation and in the appearance. But the one major advantage of using the brass valves is that they are the good conductors of heat and cold. The brass valves provide a good control of the temperature. The brass gate valves are available in various types in the market. The size and the specification vary from the application of the gate valve. For any requirement, we one of the leading brass gate valve suppliers in UAE available to satisfy your product needs.


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