ANSI 125/150 & PN 10/16



Globe Valve

Unlike the other valves, the globe valve is slightly different. A globe valve is presented with a stationary seat and movable rotating element at the top. The globe valve has to body which is being separated by the internal baffle. Globe valve shows more accuracy in regulating the flow and pressure of the fluid also can be controlled easily with this valve. The globe valve suppliers of supply chain provide an immense dedication to the supply of the valve. One of the quality globe valve suppliers in UAE that’s us can be contacted for any globe valve requirement.

Are you looking for linear motion valves, then ASTC has the ultimate solution for you. We
are here to introduce you with outstanding globe valves to continue your operation devoid of
any struggle. Plus, our effort is to submit the valves with modification or required
Book the high-quality globe valves only from ASTC
 Designed distinctively, our globe valves are inserted with anti-frictional ball bearings
 To make the lock secure, it has yoke construction with an external screw.
 The glands of the valves are self-aligned with deep stuffing container
 It can handle the operating temperature along with pressure to manage the flow
 Our team tale care of the installation method, so the flow is easy and to upwards
Whether you want to enhance or lower down the pressure, our globe valves will be able to
perform the task with perfection. Place the order now with us.


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