ASTC is the most trusted place to purchase high-quality Guillemin couplings in the UAE. We are
one of the most reputed suppliers and distributors of Guillemin couplings. These types of
couplings are generally used for pressure and suction delivery of liquids like different types of
powders and granulates. We provide Guillemin couplings that are designed in compliance with
EN 14420-8.
Are you searching for the couplings for heavy handling impact at the time of loading and
unloading of liquids and solids? Guillemin couplings are the best-suited one for such kind of
applications. This is the main reason behind the popularity of Guillemin couplings.
At ASTC, we only offer products that are well tested and have passed all the standard tests.
We also provide custom coupling solutions depending on the application. Contact us for reliable
coupling solution at best rates.


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