ASTC is one of the most reputed and trusted places to buy high-quality MIKALOR Spain clamps.
MIKALOR is the popular name in the manufacturing process of the complete range of hose
clamps. This company also offers custom clamps manufacturing services as per the requirement.
At ASTC, an individual can find plenty of options in clamps with various designs. We provide the
high quality and standard clamps.
All the MILKALOR products are manufactured in Europe. This company has an amazing
experience in this field. Just check the range of products offered by MIKALOR and choose the
one as per your requirement. People are choosing this brand for their research and
development in the field.
Our Product Range Consist of:
 One-ear clips
 One-ear clips with stainless steel inner ring
 Two-ear clips
 Spring clips
 Double wire clips
 Single clamps
 Hose clamps with worm gear, open
 Hose clamps with worm gear, double bridge
 Hose clamps with worm gear, for light pressure
 Hose clamps with worm gear, for heavy pressure
 Hinge bolt clamps
 Assortment boxes
 P shape connecting clamp
If you are searching for high-quality MIKALOR Spain clamps, contact ASTC. We can provide you
best quality products at a reasonable price.


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