Cast Steel, Stainless Steel

Flange In Dimension Class – #150, #300, #600, #900, #1500

PN-16, PN-25, PN-40, JIS-5K, 10K, 16K



ASTC holds immense specialization in offering a world-class quality of socket weld that you
will surely not get from anywhere else. Right from the ideal specification to advanced
working terminology, we are gripped with the best of features.
 It is made up of international build quality and materials
 All the appropriate testing and examinations are done to give rightful results.
 It can incorporate in any kind of temperature from low, medium to high without much
 We have already invested our efforts in mechanical properties, setting equivalents,
welding, heat treatment and resistance all in one.
Don’t be concerned about the quality or features of the socket weld, because we have been
working in this industry for long and will let you know about the desired changes you need or
looking for. Feel free to let us know, what are your demands with regards to the welding neck
for the best resort.


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