Stainless Carbon Steel Pipes and Pipe fittings


Carbon steel pipes and pipe fittings come with standard levels of chemical and physical
properties and these things allow for a broad range of service usage. At ASTC, we provide pipes
and fittings of appropriate grade, size, and price to fulfill your requirements. These pipes are
manufactured to withstand the temperature ranges up to 800°F. ASTC is one of the most
trusted distributor and supplier of carbon steel pipes and pipe fittings.
Specifications & Grades for Standard Carbon Steel Pipe
 A/SA-106 – Grades B & C
 A/SA-53 Seamless – Grade B
Flanges & Fittings
 Carbon Steel Butt Weld Fittings: A/SA-234 WPB * WPC
 Carbon Steel Forged Fittings: A/SA-105
 Carbon Steel Flanges: A/SA 105
If you are searching for high-quality carbon steel pipes and pipe fittings, end your search at
ASTC. We provide durable products at the most reasonable price. Choose from a range of
products as per your requirements.


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