Stub Ends


ASTC is the trusted distributor and supplier of stub ends in the UAE. We supply carbon steel
stub ends of all standard wall thicknesses. Normal products consist of ASA-A in standard and
superiorly heavy wall thickness. You can also find MSS-A Stub Ends in carbon steel in all wall
thicknesses. And both the patterns are generally used with lap joint flanges.
Different Types of Stub Ends
Type A: This one is manufactured and machined to match the appropriate lap joint backing
flange. To provide the permission to a smooth loading of the flare face, the mating surfaces
consist of an identical profile.
Type B: This one is used with standard slip-on flanges.
Type C: This one is developed with the help of pipes. And they are used either with lap joint or
slip-on flanges.
No matter what type of Stub Ends you require, ASTC can offer you the best solution at the most
reasonable price. Contact us for authentic products as per your application requirements.


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