ASTC has been delivering all kinds of tees with various specifications, even in bulks. Here,
with us, you will be delivered with tees made up of carbon, steel, end-to-end, and the list is
 We deal in the tees, made up of special grade raw materials
 The product will resemble completely with the T shape, and you won’t be able to
make out any error.
 It can easily be used for transporting two-phase liquids without any struggle.
 You can use our tees for industries like power generation, chemical, medicines,
fabrication, shipbuilding, etc.
All the tee variations we deal in are certified, tested, and adequately packed, so there will be
no problem during the transit. The team will also address you with the fixation process too.
You can list your requirements, and we promise to adhere to it. Our team is persistent in
providing tees, depending on the customer’s requirements.


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