ASTC is the leading supplier of UNI-D TAIWAN solenoid valves. This valve is a crucial product
wherever you need to control the fluid flow automatically. With unique functionalities, these
valves are very popular and in-demand. There are plenty of plants and equipment where UNI-D
TAIWAN solenoid valves play an important role. You can get different types of solenoid valves
at ASTC to fulfill the requirement of your application.
Solenoid valve works with the help of electricity and you can start it or shut down by providing
the power supply. When this valve gets the energy, a magnetic field generates. This is used to
pull a plunger or pivoted armature against the action of spring
Are you looking for superior quality UNI-D TAIWAN solenoid valves in the UAE? Contact ASTC
for authentic products and reasonable price. We have been serving the people of UAE with
many years with our top-notch products and services.


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